Current Sires

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New Sires

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Past Sires

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Current Sires

Hardigreen Park Ringer (PS)

Watasanta Landrover (P)

Watasanta Monkey (P)

Watasanta Milky Bar Kid (P)

Dunlop States Man (P)

New Kids On The Block

Watasanta Network (P)

Walmona Zekariha (P)

Past Sires

Watasanta Atomic, Half brother to Altogether darker in colour, should of shown him - Top Calves.

Watasanta Auctioneer (P) Junior Champion Bull Sydney Royal 07

HP Officer (P)

Canawinda “In The Groove”

Watasanta Gangbuster (P)

Watasanta Grandboy (P)

Watasanta Fruitloop (P)

Waco Chancellor (PS)

Walmona Wizard (P)

Cardona Noble (P)

Our Promise


The Policy and promise is that the Watson’s will offer at their annual on property sale their leading show sires after 1 or 2 seasons in the stud.