Watasanta Bull Sale

Wednesday 17th August 2022

12 noon

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The Watasanta stud was established in 1985. It was based on a broad genetic base of predominately Poll females from Aberdeen, Boongarry, Calga West, Circle 8 and Yarrawonga-Waco.

At Watasanta we want to continue to be leaders in breeding the highest performance recorded Santa. This is backed with Breedplan figures giving bull purchasers added confidence with raw measurements, ensuring the genetic impact they want in their own herds at home.

The Watasanta cattle have excelled in

  • - Weight gain (quick growth)
  • - Easy doing (constitution, ability to fatten)
  • - Eye muscle area (more red meat)
  • - Fertility (semen quality & motility)

This is a result of genetic stacking, continuously using sires that excel in these traits by achieving and constantly working on these traits our cattle are commercially accepted, our bulls will give that extra performance in their offspring. A promise made by us.

Bull selection – must look good and have stance as

  • - A calf- just weeks old
  • - A weaner off mum
  • - As a yearling
  • - Fully developed 2 year old

We DO NOT have time for bulls that need more time. Bulls must be eye appealing and look like a bull.
Our bulls are performing well throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, New Caledonia and New Zealand.


32 Santa Gertrudis Bulls
5 black Santa bulls (yearling)
Approx. 60 Santa Heifers 2 - 2 1/2 years PTIC Watasanta bulls

Lot 1 Watasanta Parramatta (P) 2670

Lot 2 Watasanta Pops Pick (P) 2648

Lot 3 Watasanta Policeman (P) 2672

Lot 4 Watasanta P.T (P) 2688m

Lot 5 Watasanta Prime Mover (P) 2654

Lot 6 Watasanta Pinball (PS) 2660

Lot 7 Watasanta Plentiful (P) 2630

Lot 8 Watasanta Patchy 2730

Lot 9 Watasanta Pryce (P) 2636

Lot 13 Watasanta Persistant (P) 2678

Lot 16 Watasanta Pop Star (P) 2640

Lot 18 Watasanta Picnic (P) 2676

Lot 19 Watasanta (P) Pistol 2686

Lot 21 Watasanta Phantom (P) 2680

Lot 25 Watasanta Pin Point (P) 2638

Lot 33 Watasanta Pitchblack (P) 0/30

Lot 34 Watasanta Pump it (P) 0/34

Lot 36 Watasanta Peter Pan (PS) 0/20

Santa Heifers 2 - 2.5 years PTIC Watasanta bulls

Wednesday 18th August 2021 12 noon
Watasanta Bull Sale

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Contact Us

Neil: 0427 670 267
Jack: 0418 454 117